Mr And Mrs Alex Ross jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mr And Mrs Alex Ross
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|f3 f3/2d/2d|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3 g2 e|c/2e3/2c B2 A|
|f3 f3/2d/2d|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3/2e/2c A3/2a/2a|d3 d2:|
|:g|a3 f2 d|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3 e2 d|c/2e3/2c B2 A|
|a3 f2 d|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3/2e/2c A3/2a/2a|d3 d2:|
|:f|A3/2d/2d d3|d3/2c/2c c3/2B/2B|B3/2g/2g g2 e|c/2e3/2c B2 A|
|A3/2d/2d d3|d3/2c/2c c3/2B/2B|g3/2e/2c A3/2a/2a|d3 d2:|
|:g|a2 a f3/2d/2a|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3/2e/2g g2 e|c/2e3/2c B2 A|
|a2 a f3/2d/2a|c3/2B/2B B3/2e/2f|g3/2e/2c A3/2a/2a|d3 d2:|
X: 2
T: Mr And Mrs Alex Ross
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/d/ | f3 f>dd | c>BB B>ef | g3 g>ee | c<ec B>AA |
f3 f>dd | c>BB B>ef | g>ec A>aa | d3 d2 :|
f/g/ | a3 f2 d | c>BB B>ef | g3 g2 e | c<ec B>AA |
a3 f2 d | c>BB B>ef | g>ec A>aa | d3 d2 :|
f | A>dd d3 | d>cc c>BB | B>gg g>ee | c<ec B>AA |
A>dd d3 | d>cc c>BB | g>ec A>aa | d3 d2 :|
f/g/ | a>fa f<da | c>BB B>ef | g>eg g2 e | c<ec B>AA |
a>fa f<da | c>BB B>ef | g>ec A>aa | d3 d2 :|

Seven comments

Mr And Mrs Alex Ross

Cracking 68, especially played slowly, first heard it played by Lauren McColl (Rant) on the fiddle in Ullapool, she said she’d dug it out of some manuscripts online. It also appears on a CD by ‘Gordon Pattullo and his ceilidh band’, appears to have been written by John McGregor sometime in 19xx for Graham Ross the son of Mr and Mrs Alex Ross. Only reference i can find for it is 1983.

Mr And Mrs Alex Ross

I was at a garden party on Saturday given by John MacGregor, the composer of this piece, who lives just outside Crieff and, egged on by his wife, I played "Mr and Mrs Alec Ross" for him. He told me he’d also heard it by the group Up In the Air, who have recorded it as a slow air. I’ve known the tune for years, having learned it from Edinburgh fiddler Seonaid Lynn, who I think learned it when she was involved with the Borders Reel & Strathspey Society.

John has written a few tunes over the years which have been taken up by dance bands, such as "West Kirkton" (better known as "Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder") and "John MacGregor’s Compliments to Gordon Young" (named after his friend the popular drummer who was also at Saturday’s party).

Mr And Mrs Alec Ross

I have added the setting I play (X:2 above) which is only slightly different to Jake’s setting. Thanks for posting it, Jake - it’s a good tune (and perhaps you could change the key to D major when you have a moment? It makes no difference to pipers, I know, but it keeps us mere mortals in line!)

Mr and Mrs Ross

Thanks for the correction Nigel, now D Maj !
I just put everything as Amix now as I get slammed every time i use something else, i’m still a key heathen.
If only K:HP was an option, I have asked, but it’s not going to happen.

P/M John MacGregor

One of the tunes played on "Take The Floor" tonight is this tune and it mentions on the playlist that the composer was P/M John MacGregor. Is this correct and in which Pipe Band was/is John MacGregor the Pipe Major?

Mr And Mrs Alec Ross

That statement on Take the Floor was incorrect, aad boode. John MacGregor, the composer of "Mr and Mrs Alec Ross" doesn’t even play the bagpipe.

mr and mrs Alec Ross

there was a cracking recording of this jig by the Border Shepherds Willy Taylor Will Atkinson and Joe Hutton
back in the ’80s - unfortunately like much of my vinyl collection its been mislaid over the years but I’d love to hear it again if anyone can post it