Iris Nicolson’s Favourite barndance

Also known as Iris Nicholson’s Favorite, Iris Nicholson’s Favourite, Iris Nicolson’s Favourite March, Iris Nicolson’s Favorite.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Iris Nicolson's Favourite
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
||:FE|"D"D2D2 DEFG|"D"A2A2 A2AB|"D"f2e2 d2F2|"G"G4 G2F2|"A7"E2E2 EFGA|"A7"c2c2 c3B|"A7"A3B A2G2|"D"F4 F2E2|!
|"D"D2D2 DEFG|"D"A2A2 A2de|"D"f2f2 e2d2|"D"B6 f2|"Em"g2g2 f2e2|"G"d2d2 c2B2|"A7"A2ce a2c2|"D"d6:||!
||: fg|"D"a4 ^g2a2|"D"f2d2 A4|"D"D2FA d2F2|"G"G4 e2f2|"G"g4 f2g2|"A7"e2c2 A4|"A7"A2ce a2e2|"D"f4 g2^g2|!
|"D"a4 ^g2a2|"D"f4d2 A2|"D"D2FA a2f2|"G"g4 e2f2|"Em"g2g2 f2e2|"G"d2d2 c2B2|"A7"A2ce a2c2|"D"d6:||
X: 2
T: Iris Nicolson's Favourite
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
M: 2/4
F>E |DD D/E/F/G/ | AA Ad/e/ | fe dF | G2- GG/F/ |
EE E/F/G/A/ | cc cB/c/ | BA AG | F2 E2 |
DD D/E/F/G/ | AA Ad/e/ | fg/f/ ed | B2- Be/f/ |
ga/g/ fe | dd cB | Ac/a/ gc | d2 ||
|: f>g |aa ^ga | fd AF | DF/A/ dF | G2- Ge/f/ |
gg fe | dd cB |[1 Ac/e/ ag | f2 :|[2 Ac/a/ gc | d2 |]

Six comments

Iris Nicholson’s Favourite

I heard this played by the Wrigley Sisters from Orkney on the radio last night but was disappointed to find that its not been made available in abc format anywhere.
Great tune. Its really a 4/4 march and would make an excellent tune for a Dashing White Sergeant.
I would like to know who wrote it.

The tune appears on their latest album "Idiom," where it is attributed to Jock Linklater.

@noelbats: Nice tune - thanks for posting. Although seemingly a "new" tune, it has quite an old-fashioned feel to it. More of a ceilidh or barn dance tune than a session tune, as you suggest. However, "Dashing White" is normally played 32-bar, so I think you would need to knock out the repeats if pairing it with that one.

Regarding your chord settings, try a GMaj instead of a DMaj in bar 12 of the "A" part. Arguably musically incorrect, I know (there is an F# at the end of this bar), but I think you will find that it makes for a better chord progression.

Re: “Iris Nicolson’s Favourite” ~ YouTube

Orkney Music - Traditional Music Video from Orkney, Scotland
Published on Aug 28, 2015
Stromness Academy pupils’ fiddle group play Iris Nicolson’s Favourite, Blacksmiths Hornpipe, and The Rose of St Magnus written by Ivan Drever live at The Reel, Kirkwall.

X: 2 “Iris Nicolson’s Favourite”

Transcribed from the above YouTube…

Re: “Iris Nicolson’s Favourite” = 32 bars

As with X: 2, Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley also play this as a 32 bar tune, rather than as the first notation gives it, 64 bars…