One recording of
The Blackberry Blossom
The Silver Spear

The Blackberry Blossom (reel) is also known as Bargy, The Black Berry Blossom, Blackberry Blossoms, The Blackberry Blossoms, Blackbury Blossom, Strawberry Beds.

The Silver Spear (reel) is also known as An TSleá Airgid, Joe Mhaire Mhicilin, The Old Silver Spear, The Silver Tip, Sliabh Bána, The Top Of The Cliff.

An Seo by Various Artists

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
  2. Branohm (M. Breathnach)
  3. The Silver Spear
  4. The Musical Priest
  5. The Flowers Of Red Hill