Two recordings of a tune named
The Blackberry Blossom
With a tune named
Sporting Paddy

The Blackberry Blossom (reel) is also known as Bargy, The Black Berry Blossom, Blackberry Blossoms, The Blackberry Blossoms, Blackbury Blossom, Strawberry Beds.

Sporting Paddy (reel) is also known as Castle Guillou, Clare, The Clare, The Cranley, Flahool Paddy, Irish Pat, John Doherty’s, The Maid In The Apple Tree, Padai Sportmhar, Paddy Flaithiúil, Paddy On The Railroad, Pádraic Spóirtiúil, Spoil The Dance, Sportin’ Paddy, Sporting Nell, Sporting Paddy’s, The Sporting Paddy, Sporting Pat, Springsteens.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 12 by Matt Cunningham

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
  2. The Earl’s Chair
  3. Sporting Paddy

The Good Mixer by Noel O'Grady, Henry Benagh, John Carty, Marcus Hernon

  1. The Fermoy Lasses
  2. Sporting Paddy
  3. The Blackberry Blossoms