Two recordings of
The Crib Of Perches
The Noon Lassies

The Crib Of Perches (reel) is also known as Creel Of Perches, The Creel Of Perches, Crib Of Perch.

The Noon Lassies (reel) is also known as The East Clare, The Loon Lasses, The Noon Lasses, The Noone Lasses, Tommy Gunn’s.

"Gort Tape" CD 2 of 2 by Various Artists

  1. Noon Lassies
  2. Crib Of Perches

Out On The Ocean by Moher

  1. Gan Ainm
  2. The Noon Lasses
  3. The Crib Of Perches
  4. The Bucks Of Oranmore