One recording of
The Crib Of Perches
The Tinker’s Stick

The Crib Of Perches (reel) is also known as Creel Of Perches, The Creel Of Perches, Crib Of Perch.

The Tinker’s Stick (reel) is also known as The Cloontia, The Far Field, Michael Dwyer’s Favourite, Nancy In The Hobble, The New Policeman, The Other Reel Of Rio, The Tinker’s Stick (Tom Mannion’s), Tommy Whelan’s No. 5, The Twin Brothers, The Twin Brothers’.

Pride Of The West by John Wynne And John McEvoy

  1. The Crib Of Perches
  2. The Tinker’s Stick
  3. Come Up To The Room, I Want Ye