Mama’s Pet jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mama's Pet
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AG|:FAA Add|cAA cde|~f3 ged|cAA GED|
FAA Add|cAA cde|~f3 ged|1 cAA A2G:|2cAA A2f||
~g3 eaf|ged cde|fef ged|cAA GED|
|1 gag eaf|ged cde| fef ged |cAA A2f|
:|2 FAA Add|cAA cde|~f3 ged| cAA A2G||

Six comments

The Kilfinnane

2nd Jig from track 8 of Edel Fox and Neil Byrne’s CD "The Sunny Banks". There is already a Kilfinane jig which is different so this will link to the recording as it is spelled there with three n’s as per the CD.

Thanks Slainte - hope you’re keeping well.

Duplicated and misnamed

This jig is actually called Mama’s Pet:

Peter Carberry recorded this tune and The Kilfinane Jig as different tunes on his solo album "Traditional Irish Music from Co. Longford." Edel Fox and Neil Byrne might have learned them from Peter’s playing, and got their titles mixed up.

Donough, please post your transcription as the second setting of Mama’s Pet. Yours is better!

Slainte - That Mama’s Pet you linked to has no C# and sounds very different unless its just a very bad transcription :) I would need to listen to that recording to see if what I have transcribed is really that tune
Maybe just post a link there to this tune