One recording of
Ger The Rigger
Jer O’Connell’s

Ger The Rigger (polka) is also known as Jer An Rigeara, Jer The Rigger, Jet The Rigger, Thadelo’s, Yer The Rigger.

Jer O’Connell’s (polka) is also known as Bakerswell #1, Belles Of Ballinderry, The Belles Of Ballinderry, Donal O’Connor’s #1, Jer Mac’s, Matt Teehan’s No 2, Mrs. Crowley’s, O’Sullivan’s Fancy, The Prowling Fox, Sullivan’s.

Lady Pentweazle's Maggot by The Rude Mechanicals

  1. Liam Browne’s
  2. Jer The Rigger
  3. Sullivan’s