Twenty-seven recordings of a tune named
The Little Cascade

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The 91st At Modder River, A’ Chiad Cheum, AJ’s, The Banshee, Braigh Loch Iall, Dolina MacKay, The Hawk, The J.B., John MacFadyen Of Melfort, The Jolly Tinker, Maggie’s Pancakes, Mockingbird Hill, Morrison’s, The New Widow Well Married, On The Wings Of A Skorie, Rakish Paddy, The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch.

  1. About Time 2 by Wendy Stewart
  2. Cascade by Capercaillie
  3. by Paul MacNeil And Tracey Dares
  4. Close To Home by Donald Black And Malcolm Jones
  5. Delighted With Harps by Sileas
  6. Edinburgh Hogmany Party Mix by Keltik Elektrik
  7. Essential by The Easy Club
  8. Faerie Stories by Peatbog Faeries
  9. Féileacán na Saoirse by Anna Falkenau
  10. Fire On! by Blazin’ Fiddles
  11. Fonnsheen by Fiona Davidson
  12. Grace and Pride - The Anthology 2004-1984 - Disc 2 by Capercaillie
  13. In the Shadow of Stromboli by The Long Notes
  14. Maidean Dubh’ An Donais (The Black Stick Of The Devil) by Dr. Angus MacDonald
  15. On Home Ground Vol. One by Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
  16. Out For The Night by Battlefield Band
  17. Out Of The Blue by Anna Murray
  18. Renaissance of the Celtic Harp by Alan Stivell
  19. Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles Gold by Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles
  20. Scottish Piano Fusion by Sandy Meldrum
  21. Single Track Road Trip by Carol Anderson And Martin Macdonald
  22. The Lewis Blue by Ivan Drever And Duncan Chisholm
  23. The Little Cascade by Ben The Hoose
  24. The Misty Mountain by Billy Jackson And Billy Ross
  25. The Pipers’ Gathering 2015 Concert Series, Vol. 2 by Piper’s Gathering
  26. The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 1 by Jack Lee & Alasdair Gillies
  27. Tod’s Assembly by Stewart Hardy