Hayes And Hayes waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hayes And Hayes
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,2 D2 E2||"D"F6|"F#m"E6|"G"(D6|"D"D4) E2|F2A2 d2|"F#m"c3 ABc|
"G"B3 GAB|"D"A4 F2|"Bm"F6|"E"E4 D2|"A"E6|A,2 D2 E2|
"D"F6|"A"E6|"G"(D6|D4) E2|"D"F2 A2 d2|"F#m"c3 ABc|
"G"B3 GAB|"D"A4 F2|"Bm"F6|"E"E4 D2|"A"(E6|E6)||[K:F]
"F"F2 C2A2|"C"G4 A=B|"Am"c4 e2|"Em"e6|"D"d2 A3 =B|"Am"c6|"D"d2 A3 =B|"Am"c6|
"Bb"d2 c2B2|"F"A4 "C"G2´|"F"F2 C2 A2|"C"G3 cde|"Dm"f4a2|"A"a6|"G"g2 d2e2|"Dm"f6|
"G"g2 d2e2|"Dm"f6|"Eb"g2 f2 ^d2|"F"=d4 c2|"Bb"B6|B2 c2 B2|"A"A6||
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Four comments

Hayes And Hayes

A very beautiful Waltz I’ve heard on the CD ‘Live it up’ with Reeltime.
It wasn’t here and I would like to learn it and give the sheets to my music friends,
so I had to put it down i ABC. I’ve done my best, but I don’t know if the B-part are
correct written down….?
Anyone know where it’s from, I think it sounds a bit French.

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Chords ?

I wonder if anyone would feel like writing the chords to this tune, I can not figure it out. THANX…

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……well, I found an automatic chordfinder at the internet, and I think the chords are quite well.

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