One recording of
Carolan’s Favourite
Leslie’s March

Carolan’s Favourite (jig) is also known as Planxty Mary O’ Neill, Planxty Mary O’Neill, Carolan’s Favorite.

Leslie’s March (jig) is also known as Dirty James, General Leslie’s March To Longmarston Moor, Highland March From Oscar & Malvina, The Highland March From The Pantomine Oscar & Malvina, Highland March In Oscar & Malvinia, Lesley’s March, March Of Oscar And Malvina, Oscar & Malvina, Oscar And Lucinda’s Wedding, Seamus An Chaca.

Woman Of The House by Cherish The Ladies

  1. Carolan’s Favorite
  2. The Rakes Of Cashel
  3. Highland March In Oscar & Malvinia