Bob In The Wash House reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bob In The Wash House
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
K: D
"D"A2 A>F "Bm"D>E F>G|"D"A>F A>d"G"B2 G>c|"A"e2 e>c A>B c>d|e>c e>a f2 d2|
"D"A2 A>F "Bm"D>E F>G|"D"A>F A>d "G"B2 G2|"D"(3fgf f>d "A7"e>f e>c|"D"d2 d>d d3 A:|
"D"d2d>A d2d>A|d>e d>A G>F D2|"A"e2e>c e2e>c|(3fgf e>d c2A2|
"D"d2d>A d2d>A|d2A>G F2D2|"D"(3fgf f>d "A7"e>f e>c|"D"d2 d>d d4:|

Three comments

Bob In The Wash House

Stan, a friend at Comhaltas mentioned this tune so I went out on the Internet to find it. Tune was on a WIKI - session experience but not any abc notation. I’ve just provided that missing link.

Tune has a nice confident stride about it.

Re: Bob In The Wash House

This is one of many tunes collected from old bush musicians in rural Australia. This one comes from Joe Cashmere, from Booligal NSW.

Re: Bob In The Wash House

It’s not a reel. It’s a schottische, or maybe a hornpipe.