Tom Moran’s Fancy strathspey

Also known as John Joe Gannon’s Highland Fling, John Joe Gannon’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Moran's Fancy
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: F/ |A2 B>G A>F (3GFE | D>FA>d B>E E2 |\
(3AAA B>G A>F (3GFE | D>F (3GFE F>DD3/ :|
|: A/ |d>af>e d>af>e | d>af>e d>AA>g |\
f>de>c d>BA>G | (3FGA E>G F>DD3/ :|

Four comments

“John Joe Gannon’s Highland Fling”

S: "Forgotten Gems by Peter Carberry, Padraig McGovern", track 14, the 2nd of 2 flings
N: Peter Carberry on button accordion, Padraig Mcgovern on a flat (K: B) set of uilleann pipes

Love this recording, everything nicely low down. I also intend to use this set for teaching any of several dances that will go well with this. The transcription given is raised up for D instruments, or any other key you might want to play it in, just following D fingering on any other key of woodwind - pipes, flute, whistle.

John Joe Gannon - button accordion
In the Comhaltas Archives:

& on the recording (LP, cassette, & CD: "Seoda Ceoil 2"
3 tracks:
24/_5. ) jigs ~ "James Gannon’s" / "The Castlebar Races"
30/11. ) reels ~ "The Green Gates" / "Miss Thornton"
33/14. ) single jigs ~ "Tom Moran’s Fancy" / "The Streamstown"

“Forgotten Gems by Peter Carberry, Padraig McGovern”, track 14, the 2nd of 2 flings

Opens with F>G |:\
& finishes the first part the first time through -
|[1 D>F (3GFE F>D D2 :|[2 ~