Two recordings of
Saint Patrick’s Day

Garryowen (jig) is also known as Fieldtown, The Fieldtown, Garry Owen, The Garry Owen, Garry Owen’s, Garryowen, The Garryowen March, Gary Owen, Garyowen, Walk Of The Twopenny Postman, The Walk Of The Twopenny Postman.

Saint Patrick’s Day (jig) is also known as Barbary Bell, Barbary Belle, Barbary Belles, La Feile Naoim Patraic, La Feile Padraig, La Gheile Paidric, Old England For Ever, Perry’s Victory, St. Partick’s Day In The Morning March, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day In The Morning.

Rig-a-jig-jig: Dance Music Of The South Of England by Various Artists

  1. The Irish Washerwoman
  2. Garyowen
  3. Rory O’More
  4. St. Patrick’s Day

The Civil War Collection by Jim Taylor

  1. St. Patrick’s Day In The Morning
  2. Gary Owen
  3. Haste To The Wedding