The Stack Of Barley barndance

Also known as John Carty’s Stack Of Barley.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Stack Of Barley
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bd|gb (3agf gfed|(3BBB BA B2d2|DEGA BA (3Bcd|e2A2A2 (3Bcd|
ga (3baf gfed|(3BBB BAB2d2|DEGA (3BBB dB|1 A2G2G2:|2 A2G2 GEDA||
|:BGBd (3ggg gb|agfg e2d2|(3ggg fg edBd|e2(3AAA A2 ef|
gb (3agf gfed|(3BBB BA B2d2|DEGA (3BBB dB|1 A2G2G2 GA:|2 A2G2G2||

Two comments

John Carty’s Stack Of Barley

A barndance version of the universally known hornpipe, played with the Flowers of Edinborough on John and Brian McGrath’s Cat That Ate The Candle record: I changed the title there to point at this tune, which deserves its own entry, it’s quite different from the usual Barley Stack. This is a banjo setting, no doubt there’s something less busy underneath it all. I’ve been playing the banjo an awful lot the last few years, hence the plethora of triplets. John never plays much of anything the same twice on the record too so this is all a bit arbitrary. He’ll be coming to town in the fall with that Burke fellow, what’s his name, fiddler…Kyle, Kieran, something like that. Fiddles, feh. ;) Anyway I’ll ask John if he knows the provenance of this nice setting, did it come from some other musicianer, or did he just make it up himself? The liner notes don’t say.

Macalla set

The same set was played by Macalla and the source was member Pearl O’Shaughnessy, who says she got them from a Kilfenora Ceili Band recording. Described as schottisches.