Näcken Valsen waltz

Also known as Näcken Vals, Näckens Vals.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Näcken Valsen
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: E2 GB ef | g/f/g f2 e2 | f/g/f e2 ^d2 | ef ga b2 |\
A2 ce ab | a/b/a g2 f2 | B/c/B ^d2 f2 | e4 z2 :|
|: e2 e^d ef | g2 f2 e2 | de d2 c2 | B4 z2 | A2 A^G AB | c2 B2 A2 | G2 G2 F2 | E4 B2 |
e2 e^d ef | g2 f2 e2 | f2 f^e fg | a2 g2 f2 | g2 gf ga | b2 a2 g2 | g2 f2 B2 | e4 z2 :|
g3 f e2 | f3 e ^d2 | e4 e2 | e2 b2 g2 | f4 f2 | f2 ^d2 f2 | e4 e2 | e4 z2 |
[g3b3] [fa] [e2g2] | [f3a3] [eg] [^d2f2] | [e4g4] [e2g2] | [e2g2] [b2d'2] [g2b2] |\
[f4a4] [f2a2] | [f2a2] [^d2f2] [f2a2] | [e4g4] [e2g2] | [e4g4] z2 |]
X: 2
T: Näcken Valsen
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2 GB ef | g2 f2 e2 | f2 e2 ^d2 | ef ga b2 | A2 ce ab | a2 g2 f2 | B2 ^d2 d2 | e6 :|
|:g3 f e2 | f3 e ^d | e3 e e2 | e2 b2 g2 | f3 f f2 | f2 ^d2 f2 | e3 e e2 | e6 :|

Eight comments

“Näcken Valsen”

Another transcription taken from a recently uncovered collection in our collections: "Guest Musician Manual: Evergreen Folkways" - page 49… There’s a little information about this collection in the comments for an earlier submission ~

An additional note from this transcription:
N: Learned from Mark Danielsson

Neck (water spirit) = Näcken - Swedish

Another tune from that twilight world of mythology and legend, what some might refer to as ‘fairyland’, but definitely not in the Walt Disney sense of it, this is something from the Grimms and their Germanic tales.

There are likely others out there, Weejie for example, that can put a better twist on this, but here is some of the tales of what a Nex/Nix/Näcken has been thought by some to be. Some describe it as akin to the Sirens of Greek myth, but instead of luring ships to their destruction, and sailors, it lures the individual into its realm of water where intoxicated by the music they make that person drowns, and mostly this seems to be freshwater, rivers, lakes and ponds. It is said in some descriptions to have human form, another ‘attraction’, being like some descriptions of the Sídhe/Sith, or merfolk, to be very attractive, ‘beautiful people’ ("Lord of the Rings"). But, the greatest lure and intoxication is their music. As to the source of that music, it can be voice, as with the singing of the Sirens, or ~ exceptionally enchanting violin playing. They have also been described as ‘shape-shifters’ though more often than not choosing to reflect us in form, human, to gain that extra lure of trust and sexual attraction…

So, all you fisherfolk, beware… ;-) But it’s always a good thing to learn to swim too.

Anyone for joining in on a round of "The Eddystone Light"? ~
"My father was the keep of The Eddystone Light, he married a mermaid one fine night" ~ … "Oooh Arrr!"

An old favourite of ours, I think I have another transcription for this myself, which I’ll try to find and add if it is significantly different. It is also well lodge in memory too, so I might drag that out if it isn’t too corrupt over time and neglect and pull a transcription from there, or see if I can get my wife to raise it from her memory and sii if we can offer up some interesting and useful variations to add here…

Is anyone else familiar with this waltz?

From the Wikipedia article: If properly approached, he will teach a musician to play so adeptly "that the trees dance and waterfalls stop at his music."
~ & ~
If you brought the nøkken a treat of three drops of blood, a black animal, some "brännvin" (Scandinavian vodka) or snus (wet snuff) dropped into the water, he would teach you his enchanting form of music.

I thing I need to go waterfall hunting up North, the Norse realms, Scandinavia ~ aim me in the right direction, please! ;-)

I do remember liking to growl this down a few steps, a third and a fifth, in C & A minor…

Nacken Vals

Familiar from a movie soundtrack that I’m not with the slightest chance of trying to place.

There’s a simplified version in FolkWiki, which I’ve reproduced here.

Not much to add to this. The Wiki article covers much of it. Most näck tunes I’ve heard have been polskas (even where the player plays naked). However, one of my favourites is a Norwegian ballad (Nynorsk) concerning a girl (Heiemo) who charms the spirit (nykkjen) with her singing, and eventually slays him after a battle of wits - Heiemo og Nykkjen. Kirsten Bråten Berg recorded a fine version which is not recommended to the faint of heart!

Thanks for the contributions Weejie, appreciated…

Mr. K, a movie soundtrack, hmmmmm!? It wouldn’t be the first trad tune to find its way into the cinema. I wonder if anyone has started a thread on that topic in ‘Discussions’ here? The first movie that comes to mind at this moment, not this tune, is "Thunder Road"…

Never heard this one before, but it’s going to keep me busy for while. Good one Ceolachan.

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