Fairy Child jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fairy Child
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:EB{c/}B ABd|{c/}BAG FGE|{A/}EB{c/}B ABd|Bed JB2z|
EB{c/}B ABd|{c/}BAG FGA|Bed {c/}BAG|ABG E2z:|
|:{a/}fed Be{a/}e|dBA Bde|{a/}fed Be{a/}e|dBA JB2z|
{a/}fed Be{a/}e|d=cB {c/}AGA|Bed {c/}BAG|ABGE2z:|
|:Be{a/}e fgb|afa gfd|B ze gab|afa Jg2z|
bag (3efga|g{a/}fe dBA|Bed {c/}B{c/}AG|ABG E2z:|
|:{a/}gfe def|{a/}edB def|{a/}gfe dz f|{a/}edB d2z|
{a/}gfe def|{a/}edB AGA|Bed {c/}BAG|ABGE2z:|

Two comments

Fairy Child

Declan Masterson’s reel from the CD, Drifting Through the Hazel Woods, he plays this on a Low F whistle. There are a few slides that don’t show up in the music but are written as "J" in the notation.

Jig not Reel

Sorry, with the help of advice from DetlefS, I’ve edited the tune to reflect a jig not a reel.