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La Démêlée

I transcribed this tune from the playing of Philippe Bruneau on the 1974 LP titled Danses Pour Veillées Canadiennes (Philo label, FI-2006). It is the sixth tune in a nine tune medley which fills the entire A side of the LP.

The liner notes on the LP suggest this is a traditional Québecois tune but I find no other traces of it - perhaps someone else will recognize it under another name. The title translates to something like “the unraveled” but an accordion playing friend of mine from Quebec says that in colloquial Québecois it can mean the opposite, i.e. to mix, as in mixing flour and water. Perhaps this latter definition refers to the mixing of minor and major in the tune.

In a workshop hosted by Sabin Jacques he referred to this tune, in English, as The Melee, which is its very literal translation. I think he did describe as “the mix up.”
Thanks for posting the transcription.