Reel Des Moissonneurs reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Reel Des Moissonneurs
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
fg|:afcA Fz gf|edBG D3c|cBGE cBGE|FGA B/d/ (3cde fg|
afcA Fz gf|edBG D3c|cBGE cB (3GAG|1 FfcA F2 zg:|2 FfcA F2 (3EF^F||
|:G^FGA G=FEG|cBcd eg zg|gfdB gfdB|cGce ge (3EF^F|
G^FGA G=FEG|cBcd eg zg|gfdB gfdB|1 cc'ge c2 GG:|2 cc'ge cefg||

Two comments

Reel Des Moissonneurs

Reel des Moissonneurs is listed as an alternate title for American Irish Reel but this version of Reel des Moissonneurs is certainly not the same tune as American Irish Reel. I transcribed this version from the playing of Philippe Bruneau on the 1974 LP titled Danses Pour Veillées Canadiennes (Philo label, FI-2006). It is the eighth tune in a nine tune medley which fills the entire A side of the LP.

You can find another setting of this same version of Reel des Moissonneurs on a 1942 recording by a Québecois fiddle player, Joseph Allard, at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) website:

Why is the American Irish Reel linked with the Reel des Moissonneurs? The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra website ( ) is probably the source of the linking as it references a Tommy Duchenes recording where the playing of American Irish Reel was titled Reel des Moissonneurs. Unfortunately, BAnQ does not have a copy of that recording (Starr 16407) to confirm the source of the link. But, the very copy of Starr 16407 (Ted Sannella’s copy) that the Canterbury Orchestra website mentions is now in the Milne Special Collection at the University of New Hampshire library ( ). So, if you are ever at that University stop by the library and give it a listen and add a comment here to resolve the question.

Incidentally, the curious figure in the fourth measure is consistently used by Bruneau in the many repeats of the A section. I really had to slow it down to catch what he was doing.

The Tommy Duchenes record

No need to stop by the University of New Hampshire and listen to their record. The good people of the Milne Special Collection were kind enough to pull the record from their files, record it and send me an mp3 of it. I can confirm that in 1936, Peter Duschenes did indeed record the tune usually called Irish American Reel and title it Reel des Moissonneurs.