Woo’d An’ Marrit An’ A jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Woo'd An' Marrit An' A
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:edB BAB|G2A B2d|d2B d3|edB BAB|
G2F E2D|1 [M:9/8] E2e e2d e3:|2 [M:6/8] E2e e2d|e3 e2f||
g2a g2f|e2d B2c|d2d edB|d3 e2f|g2a g2f|
e2d B2A|B2e e2d|e3 e2f|g2a g2f|e2d B2c|
d2d edB|d3 edB|BAB G2F|[M:9/8] E2D E2e e2d||

Six comments

Woo’d An’ Marrit An’ A

I transcribed this jig from the Aly Bain/Ale Moller c.d. ‘Beyond the Stacks’. According to the sleeve notes it’s based on a song written by Alexander Ross (1699-1784). I guess it’s to do with courting and wedding-anyone know the lyrics? Anyway the jig is played slow and fast either side of ‘Doon da Rooth’ with taste and consummate ease by the duo. There’s a bar of 9/8 at the end of each section which lifts the tune out of the ordinary. Hope that comes through in the transcription. The c.d. is highly recommended being stuffed full of exquisite music from start to finish.

Woo’d ‘duplication?’

Apologies. Don’t think I’d have submitted the tune if I’d realised there was already a ‘Woo’d’ here(x2!)-I guess the confusion is in the spelling. Anyway, this version is quite distinct from 12415 so maybe it should be added as another setting to that page(?). Is that down to me to do or do the ‘authorities’ wave a magic wand? I’m sure Aly Bain doesn’t play it all in 9/8 but I stand to be corrected.

Woo’d An’ Marrit An’ A

"I’m sure Aly Bain doesn’t play it all in 9/8 but I stand to be corrected."

No, you’re right, although it’s mostly in 9/8 with the odd bar having an extra beat. It’s certainly an interesting setting. I don’t know the answer about the magic wand situation.

Re: Woo’d An’ Marrit An’ A

On the Whistlebinkies 4 album, this tune sounds more like a slip jig.