Hidden Ground reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hidden Ground
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
FG{c}AFE2 ef|Jge f2efJgf|eBABcF A2-|A2 G/F/G/A/GFE z|
FG{c}AFE2 ef|{a}fJg2Ja3-a2|{a}gf e6-|e6z2|
FG{c}AFEBef|{a}ge f2efgf|eBABcF JA2-|A2 G/F/G/A/GFE z|
FG{c}AFE2ef|{a}fJg2Jb3-ag/e/|z{G}a>g ee4-|e6z2|
FGJBG A4-|A6 Bd |dJe4-e3-|!>!e6z2|Bdge Jf4-|fg/e/fg/e/fz ef
FG{c}AFE2 ef|Jge f2ef{a}gf|eBABcF A2-|A2 G/F/G/A/GFE z|
FG{c}AFE2 ef|{a}fJg2Ja3-a2|{a}gf e6-|!>!e6z2|
FG{c}AFEBef|{a}g2 f2ef{a}gf|eBABcF JA2-|A2 JB/d/B/A/GFE z|
FGB^A A4-|A4z2 JBd |JgdJe6-|e6z2|Bdge J{a}f4-|!>!f6ze/f/

Two comments

Hidden Ground

Not sure what type of tune this is. An air with a rhythm? I’ve chosen to categorise it as a reel since it is 4/4. Maybe it is a slow reel. There are lots of important slides in this as in all Davy’s tunes but they don’t show up other than in the annotations as !slide! or J. The last two bars are slowed right down.

Re: Hidden Ground

As I’ve got better at transcribing and also figuring out what Davy is playing, more or less, I’ve now produced a more accurate version. The tune is played three times with variations and breaks in-between. So far I’ve transcribed the first two. The third is more complex and he starts doing other weirder stuff but I will work on it. Note that the symbol > is used to indicate a note falling away.