The Wild Hills Of Wannie waltz

Also known as Wild Hills O’ Wannie, The Wild Hills O’ Wannie, Wild Hills O’ Wannies, The Wild Hills O’ Wannies, Wild Hills Of Wannies, The Wild Hills Of Wannies.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Wild Hills Of Wannie
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
d>c|B2- B>E E2|E2- E>F E2|B2- B>A B2|d4 c<B|
A2- A>F E2|D2- D>E D2|F2 D2 F2|A4 d<c|
B2- B>E E2|E2- E>F E2|B2 A2 B2|e4 d<c|
d2- d>c B2|A<F- F2 A2|B2 E2 E2|E4-||
(3EBd|e2- e>f e2|B2 c2 d2|e2- e>f e2|B4 c2|
d2- d>c B2|A2 B2 c2|d2- d>c B2|A4 d2|
e2- e>f e2|B2 c2 d2|e2- e>f e2|B4 c>c|
d2- d>c B2|A<F- F2 A2|B2 E2 E2|E4||
X: 2
T: The Wild Hills Of Wannie
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
g>f|e2- e>A A2|A2- A>B A2|(3efe d2 e2|g4 f>e|
d2- d>B G2|(3GAG D2 G2|(3BcB G2 B2|d2- d>B g>f|
e2 A2- A>A|(3ABA ^G2 A2|(3efe d2 e2|a4 (3agf|
g2 f2- f>e|(3ded B2 d2|e2 A2 ^GA|A4||
(3ef^g|a2- a>^g a2|e2- e>f ^g2|(3aba ^g2 a2|e4 (3def|
g2- g>f g2|d2 B2 f2|(3gag f2 g2|d4 f>^g|
a2- a>^g a2|e2 e>f g2|(3aba ^g2 a2|e4 e>f|
g2- g>f e2|(3ded B2 g>f|(3efe A2- A>A|A4||

Six comments

"The Wild Hills O’ Wannies" into "Holy Halfpenny"

YouTube - Uploaded on 23 Jul 2011
Two iconic Northumbrian/Border tunes arranged for Border Pipes by Matt Seattle played on the Border Pipes by Matt and Bill Telfer in Langholm…

Matt Seattle & Dragonfly Music

Thanks slainte, appreciated. Matt’s looking good. This U-Tube starts out fine and then they slip into the excesses that so often accompany a fondness for variations on the small pipes. It’s not the first time I’ve wrinkled my nose over a steam-piped variation interrupting an otherwise good listen or session. A ‘few’ seem to enjoy those sort of hiccups, burps and that fartin’ about, but I’ve never taken to it, finding it a bit silly, personally. And then these leave that lovely air after trammelling it a bit by then skipping on into a romp with something racier… 😛 Still - - - interesting? 😏

Look North - The Wannie Line (1980s)

YouTube - Published on 12 Dec 2012
Look North Article from the 1980s about the last train to run on the Wansbeck Railway (The Wannie Line) from Newcastle to Morpeth and West Woodburn -a line which once also went to Redesmouth Junction and on to the town of Bellingham -famous for its agricultural show. -The train was called ‘The Wansbeck Piper’ and features in the excellent DVD ‘Remember The Wannie Line’. -Back in the 80s (1987 I think) Look North interviewed the film maker…

DVD - Remember The Wannie Line

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The ‘Wild Hills of Wannie’ lie between Newcastle and Woodburn and there the Wansbeck Valley Railway had a route, ‘The Wannie Line’, that worked its way through those Northumberland hills. Originally the line ran all the way to Edinburgh.

Wikipedia - The Wansbeck Railway

Photos of Northumberland Railways - Wansbeck Valley (Wanney) Line

A History of Britain’s Railways - Photographs of Wansbeck Railway

The Railway Touring Company - The Wansbeck

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Newspaper articles:

Wander down the Wannie

Wannie Line celebrated in exhibition at Bellingham

Small pipes and ‘variations’, well, yes for the first, something I’ve enjoyed in the right hands, such as dear Joe Hutton and ‘The Shepherds’ take on things. For the second, sometimes, if rarely, I must admit that variations can raise a smile rather than screw up my nose. The pipes aren’t the problem, those I enjoy, but some ideas of ‘variations’ (& ‘the runs’) are more in conflict with the tune and/or the situation than complementary, at least in my experience and curious sense of such things…