Big Sea Ballad waltz

Also known as White Horses In The Wind.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Big Sea Ballad
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
M: 4/4
Jgf| Je8-|e2Bc{a/}dB{a/}dB|{c/}A8-|A4 {B}AG{A/}ED|EA3-A4-|A4JB4-|
AG{A/}GFE4-|E8|JB>JB A4-|A6|Jgf| Je8-|e2Bc{a/}dB{a/}dB|
{c/}A4 {B}AG{A/}ED|EA4JB3|AG2AE{A/}E3-|E4-E c{Bc}BG|A6GE|z6|
gfe6-|e2z2 eJ=fed2|Je4-e3c|JB4-B3Jc|A{c/}AGE-E4-|
E-E4Je2c|{a/}dcA4B/A/G|E6 Jc/B/A|{c/}A8:|

One comment

Big Sea Ballad

A lovely slow air by Davy Spillane from the album Sea of Dreams. Note there are a lot of slides in the piece that don’t show up in the music but are notated as J. There are also many reverse slides for which I haven’t found a symbol yet.