The Blackest Crow waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Blackest Crow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B2|A4 G2|E4 D2|G4 A2|B4 d2|B4 A2|G4 D2|
E6|E4 B2|A2 A2 G2|E4 DD|G4 A2|B4 d2|
B4 A2|G4 D2|E6|E4 D2|G4 G2|G2 A2 B2|d4 d2|
B4 dd|e4 e2|d4 e2|B6|B4 B2|A4 G2|E4 D2|
G2 G2 A2|B4 d2|B4 A2|G4 D2|E6|E2:|
X: 2
T: The Blackest Crow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B2|"D" A4 G2|"C" E4 D>E|"G" G4 A2|B4 d2|B4 A2|G2 F2 D2|"Emi"(E6|1 E4) B2||2 E4 D2||
"G"G4 G2|G2 A2 B2|d4 d2|B4 dd|"C"e4 e2|d4 e>d|"Emi"B6|B4 A2|
"D"A4 G2|"C" E4 D>E|"G"G2 G2 A2|B4 d2|B4 A2|G2 F2 D2|"C (Emi)" E6|E4:|

Five comments

The Blackest Crow

I first heard that in the video by Bruce Molsky and Julie Fowlis. I had to share with you immediately.

with chords and lyrics

Great old song!

here’s a version of the abc’s with the chords and lyrics…

X: 1
T: Blackest Crow, The
I:abc-charset utf-8
Z: Vít Souček
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B2 |"D" A4 G2 |"C" E4 D2 |"G" G4 A2 | B4 d2 |B4 A2 | G4 D2 |"Emi"E6 | -E4 B2 |!
"D" A2 A2 G2 | "C"E4 DD |"G" G4 A2 | B4 d2|B4 A2 | G4 D2 | "Emi"E6 | -E4 D2 |!
"G"G4 G2 | G2 -A2 B2 | d4 d2|B4 dd |"C"e4 e2 | d4 e2 |!
"Emi"B6 | -B4 B2 |"D"A4 G2 |"C" E4 D2 |"G"G2 G2 A2 | B4 d2 |!
B4 A2 | G4 D2 |"C (Emi)" E6 | -E4 :|
W:As time draws near my dearest dear when you and I must part
W:How little you know of the grace and awe of my poor aching heart
W:Each night I suffer for your sake , you’re the girl I love so dear
W:I wish that I was going with you or you were staying here
W:The blackest crow that ever flew would surely turn to white
W:If ever I prove false to you bright day will turn to night
W:Bright day will turn to night my love, the elements will mourn C
W:If ever I prove false to you the seas will rage and burn
W:And when you’re on some distant shore think of your absent friend
W:And when the wind blows high and fierce a light to me pray send
W:And when the wind blows high and clear pray send your love to me
W:That I might know by your hand writ, how time has gone with thee

Re: The Blackest Crow and Musescore

I just put the abc above into Musescore. It translates the tune but doesn’t do the lyrics. Is there a trick here or is it just not possible?

Re: The Blackest Crow

Is this trad Irish? I heard it on an American folk playlist on Spotify.