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The Maid Of Holywell

Monymusk (strathspey) is also known as Fermanagh Highland, Fermanagh Highland Fling, Mollymusk, Money Musk, Moneymusk, The Moneymusk, Monie Musk, The Monie Musk, Moniemusk, The Moniemusk, Mony Musk, The Monymusk Highland Fling, The Monymusk, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monemusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant Of Moneymusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant Of Mony Musk, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monymusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant’s.

The Maid Of Holywell (reel) is also known as Maid Of Hollywell, The Maid Of Hollywell, Maids Of Hollywell, The Maids Of Hollywell, Maids Of Holywell.

Ceol na gCarad by Adam Agee & Jon Sousa

  1. The Maids Of Holywell
  2. Cor Pheait Uí Thuathaigh
  3. Moneymusk