One recording of
Sir Sidney Smith’s

Monymusk (strathspey) is also known as Fermanagh Highland, Fermanagh Highland Fling, Mollymusk, Money Musk, Moneymusk, The Moneymusk, Monie Musk, The Monie Musk, Moniemusk, The Moniemusk, Mony Musk, The Monymusk Highland Fling, The Monymusk, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monemusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant Of Moneymusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant Of Mony Musk, Sir Archibald Grant Of Monymusk’s, Sir Archibald Grant’s.

Sir Sidney Smith’s (march) is also known as Handel’s Gavotte, Sidney Smith’s March, Sir Sidney Smith, Sir Sidney Smith’s, Sir Sidney Smith’s March, Sir Sidney Smiths March, Sir Sydney Smith’s March.

Rothbury Hills: Pipes Of Northumberland by Jack Armstrong / Billy Conroy

  1. Maggie’s Foot
  2. Peter Baillie’s Pig
  3. Lewis Proudlock’s
  4. Sir Sidney Smith’s
  5. The Jenny Bell
  6. The Lads Of Alnwick
  7. Money Musk