Widow’s Rant jig

Also known as Cold Winds From Ben Wyvis, The Highlander’s March, I Would Go Quickly.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Widow's Rant
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:c2e ece|fdf ecA|cee fga|BGB B2d|
c2e ece|fdf ecA|cec dBG|ABA A2 [1 a:|2 g]||
|:a2f g2e|fdf ecA|a2f g2a|BGB B2 g|
a2f g2e|fdf ecA|cec dBG|ABA A3:|

Five comments

"Widow’s Rant" Aka "The Highlander’s March" Aka "I Would Go Quickly"

Although I have so many favorites, Paul K MacNeil and Tracy Dares’ "Rural Attitudes" is truly one of my tops. This is the 2nd tune in the "Rural Attitudes" set, preceeded by "I Would Have Preferred Thee at First…" previously posted by Malcombpiper (https://thesession.org/tunes/8087). I have transcribed this tune as closely as possible to how Paul is playing it.

The liner notes (also available on http://www.cranfordpub.com/recordings/castlebay.htm) read:
"This group of dusty jigs was put together for the "Celtic Colors Festival" in 1998. The first two jigs can be found in the ‘Glen Collection’. The Widow’s Rant, also known as The Highlander’s March or I Would Go Quickly is a jig we grew to enjoy and appreciate after hearing it sung in Gaelic on the recording "Celtic Mouth Music". Although originally we were going to name this recording ‘Rural Attitudes’, alas, all of the techno-geeks out there mounted an army no one could defeat and now everyone has a computer. Oh well, if you can’t beat them… Although we changed our minds on the name of this recording, this medley as well as those that follow is a representation of our rural attitude."

Here is a link to the Gunn Collection version: http://www.ceolsean.net/content/JRGlen/Book02/Book02%201.pdf

The final tune in the set is an original composed by Paul K. MacNeil — a Jig in D aptly named "Rural Attitudes." Since this is under copyright protection, any number of Jigs in D nicely follow ‘Preferred’ and ‘Widow.’

Widow’s Rant

This tune is quite commonly known in Scotland as "Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis". Also played in Cape Breton under titles such as "Forest and Glen", "Graham’s Brook" and "Highlander’s Jig" (by which name it’s found in Kerr’s Merry Melodies Book 3).

Thanks for the infom Nigel. Sigh… So many names… There should be an app…

I meant "info"

Widow’s Rant


It’s a great tune, and I love playing it.