Thirty-seven recordings of a tune named
The Kerfunten

Also known as Ag Cur Funchin, Hammy Hamilton’s, Hammy’s, John & Judy Carroll’s, The Kerfeunteun, The Kerfunken, The Kerfuntan, The Kerfunteun.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Woodcock (lots of times), The Hag With The Money (a few times), The Humours Of Glendart (a few times), Jimmy Ward’s (a few times), The Roaring Barmaid (a few times), Sliabh Russell (a few times), Angeline The Baker, April’s Fool, Bill Harte’s, Coleman’s, Con Cassidy’s, Dan Collins’ Father’s, Dick Gossip’s, Eddie Kelly’s, Eddie Kelly’s, The First Pint, The Foxhunter, The Gallant Tipperary Boys, Give Us A Drink Of Water, The Hole In The Hedge, John McFadden’s Favourite, The Leitrim, Lucy Farr’s, McIntyre’s Fancy, The Monaghan, The Morning Star, The Old Favourite, The Rose Amang The Heather, Seamus Cooley’s, Seamus Cooley’s, The South Wind, The Star Of Munster, The Swaggering Jig, Tatter Jack Walsh, The Tenpenny Bit, This Is My Love, Do You Like Her?, Up In The Air, Winnie Hayes’.

  1. “And With That….” by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  2. A Celebration Of 50 Years by The Tulla Ceili Band
  3. Alchymeia by Alchymeia
  4. Beal A’ Mhurlaigh by P.J. Hernon & Marcus Hernon
  5. Black Velvet by Black Velvet
  6. Crag Road by Crag Road
  7. Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven
  8. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 12 by Matt Cunningham
  9. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet by Paul and David Garner with Jon Hicks
  10. Electric Céilí by Electric Céilí
  11. Farewell to Ireland by Randy Miller and James Prendergast
  12. Full Gael by Full Gael
  13. If There Weren’t Any Women In The World by Stephen Ducke
  14. Instrumental by Franz Sanger And Susan Frances
  15. Irish Country Dance by Craig Duncan
  16. Irish Grace Notes by Ailbe Grace
  17. It’s About Time.. by Calum MacKinnon
  18. Itchy Fingers by Itchy Fingers
  19. Jammed by Flashpoint
  20. La Magia di un Incontro by DualisMagic
  21. Land Of Sunshine by Dan Possumato
  22. Lúnasa by Lúnasa
  23. Mostly Melodeon by Dan Possumato
  24. One Roof Under by Andy Cutting & Karen Tweed
  25. Ready For The Storm by Déanta
  26. Sessions From….. by An Teach Beag
  27. The Good Mixer by Noel O’Grady, Henry Benagh, John Carty, Marcus Hernon
  28. The Lonesome Touch by Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill
  29. The Man of the House by Ray Gallen
  30. The Moneymusk by Hammy Hamilton
  31. The Singing Kettle by Chulrua
  32. Three Shouts From A Hill by Cian
  33. Toss The Feathers by Mountain Dew
  34. Traditional Music from East Clare by Mary MacNamara
  35. Tunes For Practice by Seamus Creagh
  36. West of Ireland by Nine-8ths Irish
  37. Wild And Free by Tony O’Leary and Friends