Two recordings of a tune named
The Kerfunten
With a tune named
The Roaring Barmaid

The Kerfunten (jig) is also known as Ag Cur Funchin, Hammy Hamilton’s, Hammy’s, John & Judy Carroll’s, The Kerfeunteun, The Kerfunken, The Kerfuntan, The Kerfunteun.

The Roaring Barmaid (jig) is also known as Mrs. Oswald’s Favorite, Mrs. Oswald’s Favourite, The Roarin Barmaid, The Roaring Bar Maid, Tony O’Sullivan’s.

Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven

  1. Kathleen McAdam’s
  2. Tenpenny Bit
  3. Kerfunten
  4. The Roaring Barmaid

Electric Céilí by Electric Céilí

  1. Winnie Hayes
  2. The Kerfunten
  3. The Roaring Barmaid