Old Noll’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Old Noll's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:E "A"|"Dm"FED "A7"D2E|"Dm"FED "A7"D2d|"A7"^c2d "Dm"A2d|"A7"^c2d A2E|
"Dm"FED "A7"D2E|"Dm"FED "A7"D2e|"Dm"fed "E7"c>=BA|"Am"A3- A2:|
c "B"|"F"ABc F2c|"F"ABc F2f|"Bb"def B2d|"Gm"Bcd G2g|
"C7"efg c2e|"F"fga "Bb"B2a|"Gm"bag "C7"g3|"F"f3- f2||
a "C"|"Dm"fga "Bb"def|"Gm"efg "A7"^cde|"Dm"def "Gm"efd|"A7"^c3 A2a|
"Gm"bag "Dm"aAa|"Gm"bag "Dm"aAa|"Gm"bag "A7"f>ed|"Dm"d3- d2||

Three comments

Old Noll’s

I got this tune from the ‘Banquet of Boxes-a Celebration of the English Melodeon’ CD. It is played by Nick Cooke. I think the tune originates from Cecil Sharp’s collections.

Old Noll’s origin

I’m not sure of its ultimate origin: Lost in the mists! However, it is one of the tunes in O’Neille. I rather like the way it is played on Horselips The Tain. More like a march than a jig to my ears. A lovely tune.

Re: Old Noll’s

According to Chris Partington, this tune was published in John Playford’s Dancing Master, Suppl. to the 11th Ed., 1702.

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