Happy Hours polka

Also known as Plaisance Fox.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Happy Hours
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc^cd|:e2d2 c2B2 d2A2 ABcd|f3e e2^c2 e2B2 Bc^cd|
g3f a3g g2A3 ABcd|f2f2 f3e e2d2 Bc^cd|
e2d2 c2B2 d2A2 ABcd|f3e e2^c2 e2B2 Bc^cd|
g4 f2g2 a2a2 agfe|1 d^cde dcBA G4 Bc^cd:|2 d^cde dcBA G4d3e||
|:dBGB dBeB dBGB dBeB|cAFA cAdc BAGF GABc|
dBGB dBed dBGB d2^cd|1 fedc BdcA G4d3e:|2 fedc BdcA G4 F2G2||
A2FA fedc B2GB gfed|cdcB AGFE D2FB A2FG|
A2FA fedc B2GB gfed|1 cdcB AGFE D2FA d2FG:|2 cdcB AGFE D2FA d2d2||
X: 2
T: Happy Hours
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
z2|A,2DF A3A|B2F2 A4|A,2DF A3F|A2_A2 G4|
[1,3 C2EG B3A|c2G2 B4||c2E2 G4|B2A2 F4:|
[2,4 G2BG E4|F2AF D4|A3A B2c2|d6||
|:zA|B2A2 G2F2|A2 E4 (3FGA|c3B A2G2|B2 A4 zA|
[1,3 d4 ce3|dd3 E3B|c2 B4 c2|B2 A4:|
[2,4 d4 c4|(3eee ez A2AB|AGFE D4-|D6||
z2|afdf afbf|bfdf a4||bgeg agfe|dABc defg|
afdf afbf|afdf a2d2|c'bag fedc|e2d2 d2:|
|:FG|A2F2 fedc|B2G2 gfed|cdcB AGFE|1 ,3 FGAB A2:|2 ,4 D6||

Six comments

Happy Hours

A tune from the great Northumbrian piper Billy Pigg, the original recording may be heard here: https://app.box.com/s/i1v78rx3i00csmtpzem7 Billy picked it up from Jimmy Shand whose band even had a record “Happy Hours with Jimmy Shand and his Band,” Jimmy in turn obtained it from its composer, mussette accordionist Emily Vacher. I don’t have recordings of either of these source artists playing the tune but this fellow’s rendition sounds much the same as what Billy played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IErAF2-oq0o Incidentally Vacher played a push-pull button box, with 3 rows tuned B/C/D and piano accordion type bass; Jimmy’s weapon of choice was the same expect B/C/C#, the Hohner “Shand Morino,” and no doubt he knew about this Parisian type of accordion, which was supplanted by the Continental Button Accordion which isn’t push-pull.

I’m not really sure if I barred this correctly and am giving up, feel free to give me pointers about how it should be correctly set down, I tried making the Bc^cd etc the 1st notes of the bars and it just gummed up the works, as it is you have an extra beat in the last bar of the 3rd part, ugh. Maybe this is deliberate? I don’t know much of anything about French music but extra beats and bars are part and parcel of French Canadian music so perhaps this stuff is meant to have a bar of 5/8 or something at the end, or a fermata, or…anyway, Happy Hours everyone. ;)

Happy Hours

Not Emily, Kevin, but Emile Adolphe Vacher. He had a following in the UK and recorded some tracks it would seem for the British market in 1928, e.g. Irish Washerwoman, Miss MacLeod Reel, High Level Hornpipe, Paddy O’Rafferty. He was admired by Scottish melodeon players and some of his compositions were played and recorded in Scotland, Happy Hours being perhaps the most popular.


Thanks for the info Nigel, actually it’s Émile, I mulled over whether to bother finding the correct accent grave to use but didn’t bother and feminized/Anglicized his name into the bargain too…would be great to hear him have at something from the Islands.