Peggy Menzies reel

Also known as Peggie Menzie, Peggie Menzies, Peggy Menzie, Ross House.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peggy Menzies
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
~g2 (dg) BgdB|~g2 dB A2 AB|~g2 (de) gaba|gedB A2 AB:|
dGdB dGGe|dGdB A2 AB|dGde gaba|gedB A2 AB:|

Two comments

Peggy Menzies

An unlikely good ‘un from the playing of Alex Francis MacKay. The notes in the Athole Collection say it shows up under this name in the Skye collection. But more interestingly it shows up in Bremner’s collection as ‘Ross House’ dating it to at least the early to mid 1700s.

In his grand old style, MacKay does something Strathspeyish with the second part. Learning tunes from his recordings I’ve found that his Strathspey playing informs strongly on his reel playing, with the ‘Scotch-Snaps’ popping in on a pretty regular basis:

|d<GdB dGGB/|e/d/GdB A2 AB|dGde gaba|gedB A2 A:|

It will really soar if you let those high g’s in the A part sing.

Also in David Glen’s collection of pipe music circa 1880. Called “Miss Menzies”. I think its in A dorian or A mixolydian by the way - not G major.