One recording of
Peggy Menzies
Heilan’ Donald Kissed Kitty

Peggy Menzies (reel) is also known as Peggie Menzie, Peggie Menzies, Peggy Menzie, Ross House.

Heilan’ Donald Kissed Kitty (strathspey) is also known as 42nd Highlanders, Highland Donald, Highland Donald Kiss’d Kitty, Highland Donald Kissed Kitty, Wha Saw The Forty-Second, Wha Wouldna Fecht For Charlie, What Wad’na Fect For Charlie?, Will You Go And Marry Ketty.

A Lifelong Home by Alex Francis MacKay

  1. Coilsfield House
  2. Reith’s Clarinet
  3. Mrs. James McInnes’
  4. Munlochy Bridge
  5. Highland Donald Kiss’d Kitty
  6. Cutty Sark
  7. The Lassie With The Yellow Coatie
  8. Peggy Menzies
  9. The Night We Had The Goats