Two recordings of a tune named
The Frog In The Well
With a tune named
The Girls Of Banbridge

The Frog In The Well (jig) is also known as Boat With A Hole, Charlie Harris’, The Frog’s Frolics, The Goat In The Green, The Goat On The Green, The Grey Goose (in The Goodman MS), The Humors Of Dingle, The Humours Of Dingle, Old Apples In Winter, Paddy Cronin’s.

The Girls Of Banbridge (jig) is also known as The Cylph Dance, The Cylph, The Girls Of Bainbridge, Gwynt Y Glan, The Maids Of Banbridge, Plymouth Lass, Plymouth Lasses, The Sylph Dance, The Sylph.

The Apple in Winter - Irish Music in New York by Brian Conway And Tony DeMarco

  1. The Girls Of Bainbridge
  2. The Frog In The Well
  3. Apples In Winter

The Coleman Archive Volume 2: The Home Place by Various Artists

  1. The Girls Of Banbridge
  2. Old Apples In Winter