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One setting

X: 1
T: Lost Indian
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
E2 GE F2 AG|E2 GE D2 CD|E2 GE F2 AG|EGAG A3 Gd:|
e3 (e e2) A2|defd edcA|e3 (e e2) A2|defd c3 Ae|e3 (e e2) A2|
defd edcA|e3 (e e2) A2|defd c2|D4 D4:|
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Lost Indian

play last with Drying Out and crush cars
by Garry Harrison played by Liz Carroll at Cork university 1993- from a distant shore dear old erins isle

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Sorry, this won’t do……

I’ve just listened to “The Lost Indian” played by Liz Carroll on that recording, which I’ve been listening to for many years now. The tune she plays is “The Laurel Tree”, and it is not even remotely connected to what you’ve posted above. What you have posted is a badly-mangled version of “Anything For Jonjo”, played in “G”. Where that might have come from, I’ve no idea. This should be deleted.

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Humble apology…..

I just listened to the whole track again, and there are actually 4 tunes there, not 3 as listed on the CD sleeve notes. I have to assume that the 3rd one is “The Lost Indian”, and that it is the “Laurel Tree” which has been left out. I did know that the last tune played in the set wasn’t what has been posted above. It definitely sounds to me like a version of “Anything For Jonjo”, but maybe in “C” rather than “G”. Liz has a track record for taking tunes into different keys, and putting her own stamp on them, and this may be one of them. [ Wsan’t there an “old-timey” banjo tune called “The Lost Indian” ? ].
In any case, I posted too quickly, and should have listened to the whole track first. Please accept my apologies.

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It is amazing how the internet can just allow people to blurt out the first opinion, however vile, that comes into there head.
I posted this as I am a novice player and I wanted to hear how the tune sounded. I didn’t post it for anyone else to comment so vehemently about it. why cant it be a nice tune in its own right?
By the way the composer of that tune has recently died.
enjoy your humble pie

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With all due respect - calm down Fiona, some overreaction there. Vile? Hardly. If you wanted to hear how the tune sounds buy a recording.

Re: Lost Indian

This tune above is not the Lost Indian. Does anybody have the correct dots. Thanks

The Lost Indian, confusion

Hi there,
from the session at the Red Beastie pub, in Forres, there’s a set developing with the Lost Indian being the opener. I went to the tune in the Session and the dots don’t match up with the common tune played on U tube. There’s also a screaming match about something going on, tut, tut. Anyway, can anyone put on the correct dots or direct me to where I can find them. Thanks. All the best, Martin

Re: Lost Indian

Hi Martin PM sent with a PDF

Re: Lost Indian

Cheers Mike, thank you kindly, hope you’re keeping well in these strange times. I see there’s a rash of toons doing the rounds with Covid associations, why not, what else are we suppose to do? cheers and I’ll see you on the other side.

Re: Lost Indian

The transcription has a couple of errors but is recognizable to me as an Illinois tune titled “Lost Indian.” It was collected by Garry Harrison (he didn’t compose it) from Alva Miller of Oblong, Crawford Co, IL in June 1977. [Perry Alva Miller (1889-1979)] It was recorded on “Indian Creek Delta Boys, Vol. 2,” Davis Unlimited DU-33042, LP (1977), reissued on Spring Fed Record on CD. I also recorded it on “Down in Little Egypt,” Vigortone 2002, CD (2002).
Garry did show this tune to Liz Carroll and I had heard that she did record it.
I am not much of a note reader, but the structure of the tune is AA each 8 beats) BB (each 8 beats) + an extra two beat bit tagged on.