Two recordings of a tune named
Miss McGuinness
With a tune named
Matt Peoples’

Miss McGuinness (reel) is also known as Jim Coleman’s, Miss Mcguiness, One-Armed Bandit, Take Your Choice, Terence’s Ramble.

Matt Peoples’ (reel) is also known as The Errigal, Matt People’s, Matt People’s 1, Matt Peoples’ #1, Matt Peoples’ No. 1, Peoples’, Ril An Aergall, Ril An Eargail.

Days Of Doolin by Celtic Fusion

  1. The Primrose Lass
  2. Matt Peoples’
  3. Take Your Choice

Six Shades of Green by Poisoned Dwarf

  1. Matt People’s
  2. Miss Mcguiness
  3. Charlie’s Buttermilk Mary