Two recordings of
Miss McGuinness
The Primrose Lasses

Miss McGuinness (reel) is also known as Jim Coleman’s, Miss Mcguiness, One-Armed Bandit, Take Your Choice, Terence’s Ramble.

The Primrose Lasses (reel) is also known as 4 Nights Drunk, Byrne’s, Primrose Lass, The Primrose Lass, Primrose Lassie, The Primrose Lassies Highland Fling, The Primrose Lassies.

Days Of Doolin by Dulsert

  1. Primrose Lass
  2. Matt Peoples
  3. Take Your Choice

Days Of Doolin by Celtic Fusion

  1. The Primrose Lass
  2. Matt Peoples’
  3. Take Your Choice