The Marathon hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Marathon
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:B,2|EFGA BeBA|(3GFE (3FED EDB,D|GABe BAGA|Bee^d e2 ef|
(3gfe (3fed edBA|GdFD EDB,D|GABe dBAd|1 eEED E2:|2 eg (3fed e2||
|:ef|(3gab ge (3fga fd|(3efg ed BAGA|Befg afdf|geBd e2 ef|
~g3 e fedB|AedB AGEF|GABe dBAd|1 eg (3fed e2:|2 eEED E2||
B2 AB EFGA|BEGB e2 de|fedB ABcd|eEED E2:|

Two comments

The Marathon Hornpipe- by John Brady (R.I.P.)

I found this beauty browsing through video clips on the ComhaltasLive site. The clip in question features the late John Brady’s daughter Attracta, joined by New York fiddlers Bridget O’Donnell and Rose Flanagan. I had neither seen nor heard the tune before, but I’m hoping that Mr. Brady’s family make some effort to bring more of his music to the public in the near future. The few tunes I’ve stumbled across here and there, I’ve quite liked. Here’s the clip, which may help you fiddlers out there with the phrasing for the tune:



I also immediately started transcribing when I heard that section of the Comhaltas webcast.
But I stopped when I saw how accurate your transcription is.
The third part of the hornpipe is reminiscent of John Brady’s march “The Beauties of Autumn”, which
is, indeed, a beauty -- and so is this hornpipe!