Two recordings of a tune named
The Star Above The Garter
With a tune named
Liz Kelly’s

The Star Above The Garter (slide) is also known as An Réalt Os Cionn An Ghairtéir, The Kerry, Lisheen No.1, The Lisheen Slides.

Liz Kelly’s (slide) is also known as The Barna, Conor Pass, Denis O’Keeffe’s, Dinny O’Keeffe’s, Dinny’s, Eibhlin Ni Riordáin, Eibhlin Ni Riordain’s, Eileen Ní Riordan’s, Eileen O’Riordan’s, Eileen Reardon’s, Eileen Riordan’s, Forget Your Troubles, Liz Kelly, Oakum’s, The Oakum, Ócam, Sé Oakum Mo Phriosúin, Tomy’s.

Clear Skies by Réalta

  1. The Star Above The Garter
  2. Eibhlín Ní Riordáin’s

Glass Of Beer by Greenhouse

  1. Eileen Ní Riordan’s
  2. The Star Above The Garter
  3. The Lisheen