Inveran march

By G.S. MacLennan

Also known as Inveran.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Inveran
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
e|A2A>c B<AB<c|e>fa>e f2e>c|A2A>c B<ce>f|e2B2 B3e|
A2A>c B<AB<c|e>fa>e f2e>c|A>ca>e f>cB<c|e2A2 A3:|
|:a|f>ef<a f2e<c|e2a>f f>ec<e|f>ef>a f>ed>c|e2B2 B3a|
f>ef<a f2e<c|e2a>f e>cB<c|A>ca>e f>cB<c|1 e2A2 A3:|2 e2A2 A2|
|:c>B|A>cB<c e>fa>e|f<ae>f e>cB<c|A>cB<c c>e{f}e>f|e2B2 B2c>B|
A>cB<c e>fa>e|f<ae>f e>cB<c|A>ca>e f>cB<c|e2A2 A2:|
c>d|e>fe>c f>gf>d|e>fe>d c>Bc<e|f>de>c d2c>d|e2B2 B2c>d|
e>fe>c f>gf>d|e>fe>d c<dB<c|A>ca>e f>cB<c|e2A2 A2c>d|
e>fe>c f>gf>d|e>fe>d c>Bc<e|f>de>c d2c>d|e2B2 B2c>B|
A>cB<A c<ea>e|f<ag>f e2c>B|A>ca>e f>cB<c|e2A2 A3||

Three comments

Inveran. 2/4 March. C: G.S.McLennan.

This is a 2/4 pipe march composed by PM George Stewart McLennan (1883-1929), one of the great pipe composers.
I’ve set it as a strathspey in 4/4 to avoid listing it as a polka.
To render it as a 2/4 march, just replace the header with:

C:G.S. McLennan
S:Highland Bagpipe Music
R:2/4 March

George McLennan (or MacLennan) composed this tune as a dedication to Angus MacPherson (1877-1976), who was piper to Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie employed Angus and his wife, Alice (née Ross) to run the Inveran Hotel, in Inveran, by Invershin in Sutherland. They ran the hotel for 35 years until it burned down in 1949. George McLennan visited the hotel, and most notably as a retreat when he was dying of throat cancer. He composed a tune for Alice too, which is in the database (
The setting is taken from McLennan’s “Highland Bagpipe Music “, where it appears without pointing. I’ve added a commonly heard pointing (dotted notes) and set it for fiddle.

Angus MacPherson…

You can read and download Angus MacPherson’s autobiography “A Highlander Looks Back” here:

There are some interesting pictures there, including one of the hotel, and one of his father, “Calum Pìobaire”. Interestingly, he doesn’t mention his wife by name, and only makes fleeting references.
The stoic Highland piper through and through!

Angus MacPherson…

Thanks for the great tune, Weejie, and thanks for the link to MacPherson’s book, which I’m looking forward to reading in greater detail.