Two recordings of
Glen Allen
The Connemara Stockings

Glen Allen (reel) is also known as The Glen Allen, Glenallen, The Glenallen, Kilmaley.

The Connemara Stockings (reel) is also known as Boston Rattlers’, Connamara Stockings, The Connemara Stocking, Hobb’s Favourite, Kilrush Races, The North West, Redican’s, Úlla Geimhridh, Winter Apples.

Dancing Through Ireland by Various Artists

  1. The Merry Harriers
  2. Glen Allen
  3. The Connemara Stockings
  4. The Green Gates

Over The Ocean by The Eamonn Ceannt Ceili Band

  1. The Merry Harrier’s
  2. Glen Allen
  3. Connemara’s Stocking
  4. The Green Gates