King Of The Blind waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: King Of The Blind
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
e2 ed B2|A2 B2 D2|E2 G2 G2|G4 A2|BABd e2|d2 B2 ba|
g2 e2 e2|e4 ga|b2 a2 ga|b2 e2 ef|g2 f2 ef|g2 B2 AG|
A2 AG E2|d2 BA G2|A2 Bd e2|e4 ef|g4 f2|g2 B2 G2|
A4 A2|A2 Bd e2|e4 B2|A2 BAGE|D2 E2 GA|G6||
e2 d2 B2|g2 g2 d2|e2 d2 B2|b2 a2 g2|e2 dB ef|d2 B2 AG|
A2 Bd e2|e4 Bd|e2 e2 dB|g4 eg|a4 ab|g2 e2 dB|
e4 ag|e2 dB AG|A2 Bd e2|e4 g2|gage d2|dedB A2|
ABAG E2|G3A GE|d3e dB|A2 B2 D2|E2 G2 G2|G6||
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King Of The Blind

A lovely tune from the harping tradition, this tune was printed in John & William Neal’s ‘A Collection Of The Most Celebrated Irish Tunes’ 1724. So it’s well and truly an antique many times over. Liam O’Flynn plays a lovely version on his first LP.

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