The Deep Blue Sea waltz

Also known as Singing Songs To The Sea.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Deep Blue Sea
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e6-|e2z2Je{a/}e/d/|Jc6-|B2 {c}B/A/z JG{A}G/F/|E4-FE-|HE6|
Je6-|e2z2Je{a/}e/d/|Jc6-|B2 {c}B/A/z JG>A|{A/}GFE4-|HE6|
f|Jg3-g2B|d3-d2 f/g/|Ja3-a2-a/-g/|e3-e2f|Jg3-g2B|
d3-d2(3f/g/{a/}g/|JHe6|Jg3-g2B|d3-d2|1 f/g/|2 b/{c'/}b/||
D3-D2E/G/|JA4B/A/ G|JE6|Je3-e2f/e/|d3-d2B|Jc3-c2-(3B/{c}B/A/|
{GA}GFE4|D6|JE6-|E4cB|A/B/ HA6|f|Jg3-g2B|
d3-d2 f/g/|Ja3-a2-a/-g/|e6|Jg3-g2B|d3-d2g/{a/}g/|e6-|e6|
Jg3-g2B|d3-d2 f/g/|Ja3-a2-a/-g/|e{a/}e3-e2z|Jg3-g2B|
d3-d2g/{a/}g/|Je6-|e6|d6|B3-B2A/G/|E4-E G/A/|JB3-B2{e/}d/B/|
{AB}A3{B}A/G/A/B/ JA-|A2{B}AG/A/JB2|G2HE4||

Three comments

The Deep Blue Sea

Lovely slow air from Davy Spillane’s last CD of the same name. As always with Davy’s playing, there are many slides which don’t appear in the music but are included in the notation. He also uses reverse slides which are not notated at all. In any case the track needs to be listened to for the written music to make any sense. It is fairly accurate but only a guide to the playing.

use of " J " in your notation

Sorry but I haven’t seen this notation before. Could you please enlighten me?