The Leprechaun’s Favourite jig

Also known as The Leprechaun’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Leprechaun's Favourite
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
B2g|:fBB eBB|cBc A2B|cff cff|ecB Afe|
fBB eBB|cBc A2B|cff ecA|(B3 B)z2:|
bc'b baf|bab c'2b|aba afe|fef az2|
c'ac' baf|b3 c'2b|aff ecA|B3 Bz2:|

Three comments

The Leprechaun’s Favorite

This is the first reel in the set named "Leprechaun’s favorite" played by John McKenna on the definitive (?) opus of his recordings (called The music and life of John McKenna ‘The Buck from the Mountain’ The notes in the accompanying book evoke other tunes, "Killaloe Boat" and "The Miller of Glanmire aka The lilting Banshee", which are not convincing as close relatives. This lack leaded me to write the dots and publish them after a search so as to avoid duplication, and that does not seem the case as far as I could have seen !
John McKenna octaviates frequently on this tune, especially on patterns involving B’s

The Leprechaun’s Favorite

In the booklet with the CDs it is transcribed in A dorian and McKenna’s rolls in the last bar of each part are discussed and referred to as A rolls. The recording is a tone higher though, as given here.

I discover with your comment that the score was already in the accompanying book !
The difference it has with my perception of the playing of JMcK is in the bars 1 and 5, where it is there noted (in Bmin -or Bdor as there are no G#s-), fBB fBB. I prefer to hear the pattern f3 e3| c3, with that pedal on B resulting in fBB eBB|cBc etc…