Gillean An Fheilidh jig

Also known as The Boy From The Glens, Lads In The Kilt.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gillean An Fheilidh
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
e|:"D"d>BA A2B|dfe dBA|"G"d>BA B2g|"A"aAa ~f2e:|
|:"D"d>ef "G"g>eg|"A"a>Aa f>ed|"D"d>ef "G"g>eg|"A"a>Aa f2e|
"D"d>ef "G"g>eg|"A"a>Aa f>ef|"D"d>BA "G"B2g|"A"a>Aa ~f2e|
"D"d>ef "G"g>eg|"A"a>Aa f>ef|"D"d>ef "G"g>eg|"A"a>Aa f2e|
"D"d>ef "G"g2{G}A|"D"a2{G}A "A"f>ef|"G"d>BA B2g|"A"aAa ~f2e||

Five comments

Gillean An Fheilidh

On my never-ending sojourn for session tunes I can play on the Scottish Smallpipes, I first found this jig as "Lads in the Kilt" - tune #723 in the King Street Sessions Tunebook with the subtitle "The Boy from the Glens. (Ireland, Scotland)." The chords used here are from the KSS Tunebook.

When I could not find either title on, a search for Lads in the Kilt on the Fiddler’s Companion provided a cross-reference to Gillean an Fheilidh. The notes there say "Scottish, Jig. D Major. Standard tuning. AAB. “Slowly,” directs MacDonald. MacDonald (The Skye Collection), 1887; pg. 177. Morison (Highland Airs and Quicksteps, vol. 2), c. 1882; No. 39, pg. 23."

Both sources, by the way, have only 4 bars in the first part with a repeat and other than the pointing are identical note-for-note.

It might be fun to start it as an air with the pointing as written in the Fiddler’s Companion, then go to jig tempo without so much emphasis on the pointing.

This lovely tune sounds very familiar to me. I believe I heard it played on a recording of a Scottish piper or a Scottish folk group.

Correction to number in tune book

Should be #713

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Thanks, Chuck - yes, it is 713 in KSS.

Slainte, the B part reminds me of parts 2 and 3 of the Galician Jig (I don’t know how to reference the tune, but it is on
|:ABc def|efe cBA|ABc def|efe c3|
ABc def|efe cBA|efe cBA|BcB A3:|
|:aaa ece|aaa fdf|aaa ece|dBe ecA|
aaa ece|aaa fdf|aaa ece|dcB A3:|