Two recordings of
Jimmy O’Reilly’s
The Pretty Girls Of Mayo

Jimmy O’Reilly’s (reel) is also known as Joe Bane’s, John Naughton’s, John Naughton’s Favourite, McNaughton’s.

The Pretty Girls Of Mayo (reel) is also known as Cailini Deasa Mhaigh, Pretty Girls From Mayo, The Pretty Girls From Mayo.

End of the Harvest (Deireadh An Fhomhair) by Declan Masterson

  1. Jimmy O’Reilly’s
  2. The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
  3. Hand Me Down The Tackle

The Rough Guide To Irish Folk by Various Artists

  1. Jimmy O’Reilly’s
  2. Cailini Deasa Mhaigh
  3. Sin Chugam Anuas An Tacla