Alice’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Alice's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,2|:"D" D3 EFD|"F#m" A4 (3GFE|"D" D3 EFD|"Bm" B,2 (B,2 "A" A,2)|
"D"D3 EFD|"G" B4 A2|"Em" A G3 F2|"A" E6|
"D" D3 EFD|"F#m" A4 Bc|"Bm" d c3 d2|"G"B4 AG|
"D"F A4 F|"A" E A-A4|"G6" D6-|"D" D4 A,2:|
"D" D3 EFA|"G" B3 ABc|d3 cdf|"A" e4 c2|"G" d3 cdf|
"F#m7" e4 dc|"G" B d4 B|"A" A4 (3GFE|"D" D3 EFA|
"G" B3 ABc|"Bm7" d3 cde|"F#m" f4 dc|"G" Bc d3 B|
"D"Ac d2 B2|A3 GFD|"A"E4 E2||
"D" D3 EFA|"G" B3 ABc|"Bm7" d3 cde|H"F#m" f3 z dc|
"G" Bc d3B|"F#m" Ac de fg|"A" a4 e2|"D" d6||

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Composer please?

always nice to know where the tune comes from