Kinnycally Klansmen reel

By Tommy Peoples

Also known as The Kinnycally Klansmen.

There are 3 recordings of this tune.

Kinnycally Klansmen has been added to 8 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kinnycally Klansmen
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
d3 f g2 gf|g2 fd cBGB|cBBG F3 c|dfgf dc c2|
dffd g3 z|bgfb gfdg|fdcd BG G/G/G|FGBc dBBc||
B2 fB gBfB|B/B/B fB G2 FG|B2 fB gBfg|bgfb gfdc|
B2 fB gBfB|B/B/B fB G2 BG|F2 DF GABG|FGBc dB B2||

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Thanks, Nigel!

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Kinnycally Klansmen Konfusion

Ok, there’s an interesting discrepancy with this tune. I sat in on a workshop with Tommy People’s in 2003. He taught a jig he called "Kinnycally Klansmen." The four-part jig is fantastic and is in the key of "c." It bears no resemblance to this reel. He played it with another jig he called "Julia Devine’s." Searching this website I found two tunes recorded together on a 2007 Willy Clancy Summer School disc identified as "Kinnycally Klansmen" and "Julia Devine’s." I’m guessing these are the jigs?

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Kinnycally Klansmen

Curious, Ediot. I think I was given a copy of the CD by a friend of Tommy’s who used to accompany him, and while it was a legit CD, it was missing its sleeve. I suppose it’s possible I got the wrong track, but I thought I’d got it right. I’ll have a look for the CD and double check.


Nigel, I actually have the Quiet Glen album. He does have the reel on there. It is identified as "Kinycally Klansmen." If someone has the "Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2007" recording, then we can find out what tunes are played on track five (labeled "Kinycally Klansmen/Julia Devines"). I’d be willing to bet they’re the jigs he taught in 2003 and that somehow he got tripped up on the tune names.

BTW, you might be interested in this mando group I used to play with (I was amused to find out that another fan of trad music is into mando orchestra music).

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Track #5 on the 2007 Willie Clancy week CD#1 is indeed Tommy Peoples playing 2 jigs, "The Kinnycally Klansmen" and "Julia Devine’s" according to the sleeve notes.

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