Fire In Clann Ratha reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fire In Clann Ratha
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bd|g3g afge|d2 Bd AGEG|DEGA Bd d/d/d|ea{b/}aa {b/}agef|
g2 bg aege|dABd AGEG|DEGA Bdge|1 dBAB G2:|2 dBAB G3||
c|BG G/G/G DGBG|DGBG ABcA|dega b/a/g ag|fdcA d2cA|
BG{A}GG ~G3 D|G2 BG ABcA|dega b/a/g ag|fdcA G3 c|
BG{A}GG G3 D|G2 BG ABcA|dega b/a/g ag|fdcA d3 A|
BG G/G/G G3 D|G2 BG ABcA|dega b/a/g ag|fdcA G3||
|:A|B3 B cBcA|defd {e}dcAc|~B3 B cBcA|dcAF G3 D|
G2 BG ABcA|defd {e}dcAc|dega b/a/g ag|1 fdcA G3:|2 fdcA G2||

Three comments

Fire In Clann Ratha

I found this fine reel, a composition of Connie O’Connell, posted on a YouTube playlist of his CD "Ceol Cill na Martra". I had often wondered about his music over the years, having only heard "The Torn Jacket" up until now. Because I never heard any of his other tunes recorded, I imagined that either he didn’t compose a lot, or he was a "one hit wonder". After hearing this, I feel those assumptions of mine can be put to rest! Here’s a link to the YouTube clip:

On a related note, I’ve heard rumor that a book of Connie O’Connell’s compositions is in the works. If anybody out there in Mustardland has any info about this, ‘twould be greatly appreciated!