Carrick hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carrick
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3Bc^c|dDGB dGgG|fecA E2 ed|^ceAc eAag|fA^ce d2 (3B=c^c|
dDGB dGgG|fecA Egfe|d^c=cA FDBA|G2 g2 G2:|
(3Bc^c|dgbg dBGD|EGcG a3 g|fdcA FDBA|(3GDG (3BGB d2 (3Bc^c|
dgbg dBGD|EGcG a3 g|fdcA FDBA|G2 g2 G2:|
(3Bc^c|(3dBG (3DGB (3dBG (3gcG|(3fcG (3ecG d2 (3Bc^c|(3dBG (3DGB (3dBG (3ecG|(3d^cd (3edB A2 (3B=c^c|
(3dBG (3DGB (3dBG (3gcG|(3fcG (3ecG d2 (3Bc^c|(3dBG fe d^c=cF|(3GBd (3GBd g2:|
(3Bc^c|(3dBd (3gdg (3bgd (3BGD|(3EGc (3ecG a3 g|(3fcG (3ecA (3dBG fe|(3d^cd (3ed=c B2 B^c|
(3dBd (3gdg (3bgd (3BGD|(3EGc (3ecG a3g|(3fcG (3ecG (3dBG fe|(3d^cd ef g2:|

Two comments


A composition of the King of the Northumbrian Bagpipes, Billy Pigg. Makes for a real fingerbuster on whatever instrument. Dust off your copy of the Border Minstrel LP and have a hear. Billy was the greatest.


now that’s a tune! 🙂